WhatsApp, one of the most prevalent messaging platform has finally rolled out its free Voice Calling feature for the Windows Phone. WhatsApp has already introduced this voice calling feature a few months ago only for the users of Android, iOS, and Blackberry Phones, Now, WhatsApp has made its Voice Calling feature available for the users of Windows Phone. Go to the website to see the WhatsApp Messenger that is present in the Windows Phone app now facilitates to transfer voice calls over mobile data or Wi-Fi which is otherwise called VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] technology.

Earlier, the Voice-Calling Feature has been made available only to Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users. The Android Phone users received the Voice-Calling feature in the month of March while the iOS and BlackBerry acquired the feature in the month of April 2015. Till now, WhatsApp has ignored the Microsoft Corporation’s Windows Phone for some reasons, but finally, it has been added for Windows Phone Platform through a recent update that was made to the app. This Voice Calling feature enables you to call your friends and family for free of cost as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi. Otherwise, standard data charges might be applied if you don’t use Wi-Fi.

WhatsApp adds New Feature – Send Audio Files

WhatsApp has rolled out Voice Calling feature for the Windows Phone app (version and along with that it also offers an additional feature of sending audio files. This additional feature is currently available on Windows Phone 8.1. Now, it has made available for the users of Windows 8. You can send audio files of any format through your Windows phone just by using this newly added feature from WhatsApp.

Free Voice Calling Feature – Only for Windows 8 & Above

WhatsApp has offered its Voice Calling Feature for the Windows Phone users. Unfortunately, all the windows phone users cannot avail this new feature as it has made available only for the Windows 8 and above version users. Users had to option that if you have a friend with WhatsApp voice calling activated to call them need to activate the feature. WhatsApp team has already worked out on the beta version and it has been rolled out to all the mobile platforms that begin with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Tizen, and finally for Windows Phone. The latest version of the phone includes this Whatsapp voice calling feature and it is now available on the Windows Phone Store which takes around 17 MB of storage space on your smartphone. This new feature doesn’t allow its users to access emergency service numbers through the WhatsApp Calling feature.

According to WhatsApp CEO and Co-Founder, Jan Koum, “The popular messaging app crossed 800 million monthly active users in April.”