Google has launched a new lite mode of Google search engine for India and Brazil. The feature will be rolled out in India in two weeks and expected to open pages much faster, yet consume 80% less data than the traditional search engine. “The new feature will come into play whenever a mobile user is access search results from a very slow network. Google will capture the page and make it lighter,” Hiroto Tokusei, Search Product Manager, Google Inc, said in a telephonic interview. Look at this guy Author Karan Vyas.

Before launching, Google tested this feature in Indonesia where the network speed is similar to India. Google explained the new light pages load four times faster than the traditional web pages and hence consume 80% less data, and penetrate 50% faster connection than before.

Google Chrome for Android to load web pages faster on 2G in India:

In India, around 200 million people access the Internet through smartphones and a majority of them still prefer 2G network due to affordable tariffs. In a 2G network, a consumer usually gets 10KB/s speed in good network conditions, while in poor network coverage, it goes down to 2-3KB/s.

The Google official post said: “So we’re exploring some new ways to speed things up. In two weeks, we’ll start to roll out a new feature which we hope will do just that. If you’re in India, with an Android phone, and on a slow connection, like 2G, you should start to see pages loading a whole lot faster while using far less data, via your Chrome or Android browser from Google’s search results.”

“Some stylesheets…having high image quality take more data on a slow network. These are compressed using the new feature, and sometimes the page looks slightly different,” said Tokusei. Website publishers can, however, opt out of the feature and their pages will not be optimized. Users can also choose to see the original webpage if they so desire.

Lighter & Faster Web Browsing In India in the next two weeks:

The feature will be rolled out in India in the next two weeks, before the end of June, and will be available to users when they search on a Chrome or Android browser from Google’s search results. The feature would evaluate the quality of the user’s mobile Internet connection and moderately change the way the result page appears to the user.

India is a strategic market for companies like Google and Facebook, given that the Internet user base is expected to grow to 550 million by 2018. In markets like India, a lot of users on slow networks already use the Opera Mini browser which loads pages much faster and consumes lesser data.